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Ask Box   I'm 17. I'm going on to major in theater and hopefully get my degree in theater education. I'm ridiculously emotional and stress is not something I cope well with. I love Bob's Burgers more than a person should. I take a lot of my work seriously. I think feminism is pretty rad thing. I'm also trying to lose 20 lbs before my high school graduation. That is all.

30 Day Bob’s Burger’s Challenge: Day 1 - Favorite Character

Oh Jesus, I have a couple, not just limited to the Belcher family so here they are;




Jimmy Jr.

Andy & Ollie



Mr. Fischoeder

Mr. Frond

Just to name a couple though. I only named the ones who are recurring since there’s a day for favorite side-character. (I know Gayle doesn’t necessarily count but idgaf)

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